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• The currency used for online shopping is Rupiah (Rp).

• Payment methods available are by:

   o Midtrans Payment Gateway (for payments using Visa and MasterCard credit cards)

   o BCA Virtual Account

• Consumers have the right to choose one of the payment methods that are considered the most convenient and easy.

• If the payment menu does not show Via BCA, Buyers can still make transactions through BCA, in the following ways:

Transfer to BCA Account,

Account Number : 335.385.6789

On Behalf Of       : PT DWI SURYA

• After the transfer, please immediately confirm via WhatsApp to the number 081289068906, including photos of the purchased product, proof of transfer, as well as full name and address.

• After the buyer makes a payment through the PT DWI SURYA website, we will contact the buyer to inform them about shipping and postage (if any).

• Can also be through Gopay.

• Costumer are required to pay in full all costs incurred. This includes the cost of purchasing the product, shipping costs (if any) and insurance costs (if any).

• PT DWI SURYA will not serve consumer claims for online transactions that occur due to credit card misuse. The consumer is fully responsible for the ownership of the credit card.