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• Product delivery will be made after PT DWI SURYA receives purchase funds from Consumer payments according to the value of the goods purchased

• Especially for the JaBoDeTaBek area, there is no shipping fee with the following conditions:

   o Estimated delivery time cannot be determined, because the goods will be sent using their own fleet waiting for the same shipping route.

   o If the goods want to be used faster, they can be sent using Expedition (Subject to Postage according to the rate of the Expedition)

• For Outer City Areas can be sent using Expeditions such as JNE, J&T, Sicepat, and Other Expeditions.

• Errors in determining and/or writing addresses by Consumers which result in the ordered goods being not delivered are not the responsibility of PT DWI SURYA and PT DWI SURYA will not provide replacement in that case.

• Postage payments can be transfered to a BCA Account,

   Account Number : 335.385.6789

   On Behalf Of       : PT DWI SURYA